Even More and More Unique Presents, That You Will Never Need

Mustache Pacifier


Maybe you're a Magnum P.I. fan and you want to pass it onto your baby? Nope, not needed.

Dead Fred Pen Holder


Most people use a cup, a pen stand or a pocket protector. Some people get a Dead Fred Pen Holder. Why would they need this?

Square Skateboard Wheels


I don't know if somebody was trying to be funny at the manufacturing plant, but somebody is getting fired for messing up these wheels. All I know is... the moon... and wheels are ROUND. Not needed.

Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller


Oh, I get it... a Chillsner for your pilsner. Ha... that's stupid. Nope, not needed.

Bunch o Balloons


More like... this site has a bunch o stuff you don't need.

Inflatable Alpaca

Inflatable Alpaca


Does Amazon let anybody sell a product? lol What do you even do with this? Nope, not needed.