Even More Unique Presents, That You Will Never Need

Handgun-Shaped Ice-Cube Tray


Chill drinks while heating up the party with help from this creative ice-cube tray. That was our attempt to be serious. Don't buy this, you will never need this.

Handtrux Backhoe Toy


Your kid will never need this, but it will keep him occupied for a solid hour. It's sprung from the mind of a professional Heavy Equipment Operator/Inventor. Seems like a smart guy. But, you still don't need it.

Playable Electronic Guitar Shirt


Belt out your favorite rock tunes on this real playable electric guitar shirt. Wait. What???

The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron


TEN-HUT, that means, ATTENTION! Do you hear the words coming out of my mouth? I can't hear you! Of course this is not needed.

The Pocket Shot


I dont know... do you really need a sling shot... that you can put in your pocket? Nah... you will never need this.

Collapsible Beer Glass


Well, I guess you can put it in your pocket and take with you? Wherever you go? Nah... not needed.