Unique Presents, That You Will Never Need

Whiskey Ice Cube Sipping Stones


When your friends ask you for a drink on the rocks, give them what they ask for. There is no reason you would ever need these, but you make some great laughs at any party.

The Original Wearable Sleeping Bag


When we first saw this we thought... Is it a space suit? Can you fly to the moon in this thing? Ah Houston this is Apollo 58, do we really need it? That's a negative.

Glow in the Dark Dog Toy


Does your dog need an aerodynamic, interactive, glow in the dark, indoor/outdoor toy? No. But, it will keep them busy for 5 minutes.

Superman Brake Light Cover


Think you are a Superman fan? Check out this totally useless Superman Brake Light Cover. You are correct, you will never need this.

Constructive Eating Utensil Set


In case your kids, or maybe even YOU need to play construction as you eat? Constructive Eating's Fork Lift Fork, Bull Dozer Pusher, and Front Loader Spoon. Naaaaaa not needed.

Brass Knuckles Meat Tenderizer


You could get a normal meat tenderizer. But, why not get a meat tenderizer that looks just like brass knuckles? Lol. Nope, you'll never need this.